It Feels Good to Have Cool Air Moving Around My Building Now

When I bought my little business office, I knew that I would have some fixing up to do. I had to get an AC installation in Manhattan, NY as one of those things. I have no idea how anyone survived day after day in the hot summer without nice, cool air pumping through the office, but somehow, they did. It would just not be possible for me to get through the hottest months of the year without one. I am one of those people, who really does not do well when it’s very warm, and especially not when it is hot outside.

I started out with taking care of the more simple things in the different rooms in my new location. I was putting off the AC because it was not all that hot when I first took over and made my first payment. I was able to move about very easily to get things done, and on some warmer days, I simply opened up the windows and door. This let a really nice cross breeze comes through, and I had no troubles at all. It was nice to not have to spend the extra money on my electricity bill, too.

About one and half months after I started working in the office, I noticed a really warm day. I was a little bit uncomfortable. That was when I checked the weather report and learned that it was going to be about 85 to 89 degrees for the rest of the week. I then checked the 10-day forecast, and learned that it would be in the mid-nineties the next week. I knew immediately that the office would be unbearable in the 90s. It was time to call and get some help. I had someone come in and install a new unit at a nicely inexpensive price.

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